New Water Only School Policy

Published on Tuesday, 29 August 2017, 10:33 a.m. Print Article

Dear parents and caregivers,
The school has adopted a new policy around being a Water Only School. Please read the policy below. Thank you for your support in becoming a Water Only School.

Water only policy

We care about the well-being of our students, their learning and their achievement. Sugar-sweetened beverages have no nutritional value, contribute empty calories, replace healthier options and contribute to poor health outcomes. Consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages is associated with poor oral health, problem behaviours and lower academic achievement. We want to support our students to achieve their potential. Being a water only school is one way we can help students towards this goal.

Our commitment
We will ensure parents and students receive clear, consistent messages about the importance of healthy choices and the impact of sugar-sweetened beverages by:
Continuing to educate students about the importance of healthy drink choices and benefits of consuming water
Continuing to educate students about the importance of healthy eating choices to reinforce the water only policy
Actively promoting water as the best option in school publications
Ensuring staff commitment to model healthy drinking habits
And we will create an enabling environment by:
Actively discouraging sugar-sweetened beverages being brought to school by students *
Providing water (and plain low-fat milk) as the only drink option for students whilst at school
Allowing students access to water during class time
Not associating our school with programmes that promote sugar-sweetened beverages
Ensuring school lunch options don’t include sugar-sweetened beverages
Ensuring sports teams will use water only as their source of hydration
Ensuring water only options are the only ones available at school events, e.g. cross country, triathlon
Supporting this policy by actively avoiding using sugary options for rewards, fundraising and prizes at school

*If sugar-sweetened drinks are brought to school by a student they are asked to keep them in their bags until they get home. The student is informed about the schools policy and the reasons behind this community decision.