Bike Track

Background: Our special school bike track was constructed in 2006 as a clay based mountain bike track weaved throughout eucalyptus trees. It was severely damaged on Friday 10 September 2021 when 16 trees were uprooted from the 160kph winds and caused irreparable damage to the bike track course. The track originally cost $15,000 and was added to with a further $5,000 of clay 5 years ago. Bathurst Mines (Malvern Mine) were very generous in their donation of clay and forming the different tracks with their machinery. The Glentunnel School bike track was a place to develop tamariki cycling skills and advancement, while also being open to members of the public outside of school time, especially Glentunnel residents, Glentunnel Campsite guests, Glentunnel Domain users and our wider Malvern and Selwyn communities.


September 2022: 

The Bike Track Committee have been busy looking at different options for our kura and community. Please take time to have a look at the plan and images. We’d love to hear what you think!

May 2022:
Glentunnel School has a wonderful opportunity to start again and build a new track which meets multiple ‘wheel’ needs (bicycles, scooters, rollers blades, skateboards etc.); includes the school and local community and becomes a special taonga (precious gift) to all users.
Please have a look at the information we have collected in through our different stakeholder surveys. 
Ākonga Surveys: