Home & School Association

Our Home and School play a major role in allowing us to provide a wide range of learning resources and experiences to enrich ākonga learning.

If you are able to help with fundraising in any way please let us know. This could be time, baking or a donation of items to name a few. If you are wanting to help, please let us know! See Alison at the school office for more information.


The Home and School meet every month, at school. Our meetings are at 7.30pm – and are lots of fun! If you want to come along, see the newsletter for the next meeting date! For more information, ask Alison in the office and she’ll tell you who to talk to!

Main fundraising events

Coalgate Saleyards
We are very fortunate to have an arrangement with the local saleyards, where we provide hot lunches, once a week (sale day), for alternating months of the year. You can help out by… providing baking, helping on the BBQ or providing food as needed.

Pig Hunt
This is a great annual event, held at the Coalgate Hotel. A large crowd gathers after a busy weekend of hunting … and they love a good feed! So that’s where we come in! Again, we look for donations of food, BBQ chefs and general run-arounds.