Internet Safety

We take internet safety seriously. Our network is covered by NetSafe by MoE (Ministry of Education)
through N4L (Network for learning).

Our ICT provider (Information Communication Technology) is Cyclone, who are based at Darfield High School. Most of our ICT programmes are app or cloud based.

The schoolprovides devices for all learners with a 1 device: 2 students ratio. Year 0-2 use the latest iPads and Yr 3-6 use touchscreen and standard chromebooks. Tamariki have a school email address to login to programmes like email, seesaw & google docs; and e-learning programmes: mathletics, mathseeds, beebots, robotics, minecraft education, skodel (wellbeing tool Yr 3-6), STEPSWEB and reading eggs.

These programmes are paid for by the school as part of the school donations scheme to enhance independent learning at home or
support learning programmes in class time. Devices are used up to a maximum of 1hr a day as part of the
learning programme. See below for more information which is part of the permission form.

Digital Technology

In every class at Glentunnel School, there is 1 digital device for every 2 students in the class (1:2). We have
chromebooks in classes from Yr 3 – Yr 6 and iPads for NE – Year 2. The students learn important skills from
username/password security, research and publishing work, making movies, taking photos for evidence of their work, independent practice for literacy and numeracy (e.g. sunshine books, phonics etc), using the wellbeing tool Skodel, and for seesaw posts.

Permission to use the school digital technology devices (iPads, Chromebooks), school email accounts and NetSafe internet (Network for Learning N4L) for educational purposes. A separate Digital Technology responsible user
agreement (RUA) will also be signed each year by all tamariki using devices. We have a very safe and robust school internet, which is monitored and controlled by the Ministry of Education (N4L) and our ICT provider Cyclone.


At Glentunnel School, all students are required to sign a Cyber-Safety Agreement at the start of the school year (or at enrolment). This is to ensure that everyone has a sound understanding of safe cyber practices in the school.

The below agreement outlines the school’s cyber-safety rules and must be signed and agreed to before any student is able to use the school ICT (Information Communication Technology) equipment. The cyber-safety rules are discussed and referred to through-out the year by staff to encourage positive and safe use of digital devices in the classroom.

Cyber-safety is, and will continue to be an ongoing focus at our school. We strive to educate and support the students to be responsible digital citizens. For more information about cyber-safety, please visit: Netsafe (