At Glentunnel School, we want to equip our learners with the personal skills and values that will enable them to be well rounded and respectful members of society, and have a desire to be a learner for life. We continually strive to provide excellent educational opportunities to support teaching and learning. We want to provide staff and students with excellent work conditions and resources. We want our school to nurture and model the shared beliefs and values of our communities that we serve. View our School Charter on the right.


Our school has the following vision for our students, staff and all those associated with us…

To achieve our potential!
Accepting challenge, bringing effort and persevering

He Rakau Morimori, E Kore E Taea Te Piki

Strategic Goals

Powerful Partnerships
To provide and promote educationally powerful partnerships that enhance student learning and support cultural awareness, learning and understanding.

Responsive Curriculum

To provide an innovative curriculum that is localised with a strong bi-cultural focus while being responsive and personalised to individual ākonga needs.

Wellbeing (students and staff)

To promote the health and wellbeing of all ākonga and kaimahi through explicit planning and systems throughout the school.

The board meets statutory requirements and positively represents and serves the community.The board scrutinises the work of the school in achieving the best student outcomes possible and evaluates its performance in this role.


The following values have been developed through consultation with students, staff and our parents and caregivers.

  • Respectful Citizen – Manaakitanga
  • Confident Communicator – Wananga
  • Relationship Builder – Whanaungatanga
  • Growth Mindset – Mahi Tahi


Glentunnel Schoool, we have a continual emphasis on the need for our students to be LITERATE and NUMERATE. You will find that all teachers will place a huge amount of time on reading, writing and maths.

We are also very lucky to have an amazing environment around us … Selwyn River, Glentunnel Domain, Millenium walkway, Glentunnel Golf course, and the local hall.
It is vitally important that students at our school experience a rich and varied curriculum, and we all work together to ensure that our students have a balanced exposure to all curriculum areas.

The school also ensures that we have students who are physically active – hence the focus on our local facilities. A number of our students represent the school at Malvern and Canterbury events – of which we are very proud!

We want our students to grow and love the lifestyle that South Malvern offers, and be well rounded, successful members of our district.