Policies – School Docs

Polices – School Docs

All our school policies are located on School Docs. These policies and procedures can be accessed online at
anytime by following the links below. A hard copy is printed of all school policies and available on request
from the school office. We need our parents/caregivers and staff to help us review these policies as they come
up for review every 3 years.


Please follow the below steps to view and review these policies. Thank you.

1. Go to www.schooldocs.co.nz
2. Click Search for your school – Glentunnel School
3. Start typing the school’s name and then select it from the dropdown list.
4. Enter the community username and password.

Username: glentunnel
Password: glenschool

5. Go to Policy Reviews and make a review after reading the policy. Each term we review policies using a 3 year review system. See the full Review and Board Assurances Schedule (here) or read below: