School Trips and Events

School Trips and Events

At the beginning of the year we send out to each family a permission form for your child to be involved in EOTC (education Outside the Classroom) for local events in and around Glentunnel, and for other permissions. Please find below this information.

EOTC (Education Outside the Classroom)

Permission to go to local areas outside of the school grounds within a 5km zone from the school, involving walking to the venue wearing a hi-vis vest and supervised by a teacher.

For example, Glentunnel Community Centre, Glentunnel Domain, Glentunnel Postshop and Museum, Joyce Reserve, Glentunnel
Corner Store, Hororata Golf Course (in Glentunnel) and the Waikirikiri River (Selwyn River).

Any other class, sports activity, skiing, camp event etc. outside of the 5km zone will have a separate permission letter and detailed RAMs form.

The majority of events are paid for by the school donations scheme (MoE), however events like the overnight School Camp for Year 5/6 is not, but the amount is heavily subsidized by Home & School (our
awesome fundraising parents and community members).